LA County: Tell the Board your story or they’ll tell us we get nothing

It’s crunch time … and, across LA County, SEIU 721 members are stepping up to show the Board of Supervisors, the CEO and everyone else that we mean it when we demand Heroes Pay for All.

Last week, we started sending testimonials directly to all five members of the Board of Supervisors, reminding them that WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN how we held LA County together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BUT WE NEED TO KEEP THOSE MESSAGES COMING … or they’re going to forget about us.

If you’ve already sent a message: Thank you for getting our momentum going!

But if you haven’t sent a message … NOW IS THE TIME.




The LA County Supervisors are prepared to give us nothing but lip service. They’ll call us heroes. But that’s about it!

We haven’t forgotten how we went above and beyond … and all the sacrifices we made. But the Board of Supervisors is taking all that for granted.

Take action now. Remind the Board of Supervisors that we are the workforce keeping everything operational for nearly 11 million LA County residents.

It doesn’t matter where you work. They need to hear from you!




The LA County budget is being hammered out right now … and, right now, there’s NOTHING on the table for us.

Don’t wait. Share your story now.

We’ll keep fighting for more because we more than deserve it … and, when we fight, we win.

In Solidarity,
All of Us at SEIU 721

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