Our Position on the LA City Vaccination Mandate

On August the 18th the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 to adopt a City ordinance that establishes a Mandatory Vaccination Policy for all City of Los Angeles employees.

The ordinance requires City employees to be fully vaccinated by October 5th.  It also allows for employees who demonstrate their need to have an accommodation for either health issues or religious beliefs to not be vaccinated, but to do frequent testing.

Through the Coalition of City Unions, we have advocated that all employees who have not yet been vaccinated do frequent testing to provide for safe worksites and to protect the health of employees’ families, friends, and the public we serve.

As members of the Coalition of City Unions, we are actively bargaining with the City over the impacts on our members from the City’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy.

While the City has made the decision to require mandatory vaccinations of City employees, they are required to negotiate with the unions representing City employees over the effects or impacts those decisions may have on our members.  One of those impacts is the City’s proposal to limit promotions and transfers to those employees who are vaccinated.  We strongly oppose such a provision.  Members who have successfully gone through the City’s hiring process must not be deprived of rightfully earned promotions.

The City has currently not proposed that any employee be terminated based on not having been vaccinated. If this changes, we will vigorously defend our members.

Notwithstanding the City’s position on mandatory vaccinations, we encourage all Angelenos to get vaccinated, and for all members to continue practicing social distancing and using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) provided by the City. The COVID-19 virus continues to be a serious threat, and we must all work together to protect SEIU 721 members’ health and safety.