Ventura County VCERA Update September 28, 2021 – We’re still fighting!

When we first heard about the Alameda Case and its potential impact to our members and even our retirees, SEIU 721 jumped into action. Since then, we have been fighting tooth and nail using all available resources to stand up for secure retirement.

Unfortunately, one of those paths recently ended as we were trying to allow flex credits to be deemed pensionable through a trailer bill. Even with our help from our SEIU lobbyist we were not able to succeed on this track. We needed that bill or amendment to be signed by September 7 and that did not happen.

Apparently, many naysayers up in Sacramento, including an elected in the Assembly, were making false statements as to the outcome of our proposed resolution and how this was just a run around the PEPRA rules. Because there were financial allegations made about our plan, we were not able to get this across the finish line at this point.

But we’re not done fighting.

A second track of legislation, AB 826, is still in play. This route is projected to take at least a year as it runs its course through both the Assembly and Senate. Our lobbyist and pension experts are back reviewing possible scenarios to take back to the Governor’s office with hopes of getting his signature in either January or June of next year. Remember, we still have AB 826 to run its course next year.

Meanwhile, the VCERA board recently passed an action that will leave everything status quo with no changes to those who are planning on retiring before the year is out. We will be making sure that our winning vote (6-3) and position on this will not be changing anytime soon. There are other options that we have discussed internally and we remain steadfast with the County’s CEO office and our Labor allies including Firefighters and Sheriff Deputies Associations.

If you have any questions, please contact Regional Director Danny Carrillo at