City of Oxnard Chapter Board Colleague Nomination Form

[NOTE: New submission deadline is December 8th.]

It’s time to re-build the Chapter Board, and we are currently seeking candidates.

Use this form to nominate one of your co-workers at the City of Oxnard.

If you would like to nominate yourself, use this form: Self Nomination Form

These are the roles and responsibilities of the Chapter Board officers:

President – Chair of the Board; run all meetings; general supervision and direction of Chapter; appoint committee; do everything not expressly delegated elsewhere

1st Vice Chair – Assist Chair; act as Chair in her/his absence; chair internal committee; oversee Membership and Grievance Committee

2nd Vice Chair – Assist Chair and 1st Vice Chair; act as Chair in her/his absence; chair external committee; oversee Membership and other assigned Committees

Treasurer – responsible for financial accounting of Chapter; deposit and disburse funds; submit monthly financial report to Board

Secretary – Keep records and minutes; notify committee members of their appointments; helps communicates to members any upcoming meetings via emails and helps record attendance at any membership meetings

TERM OF OFFICE – 3 Year Term

Submit your nomination before Dec. 8, 2021.

Only members in good standing may nominate themselves for the Chapter Board.

**Nominations are now closed.**

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[…] If you would like to nominate another City of Oxnard member, use this form: Colleague Nomination For… […]