Heroes Pay Update! Board Gives Final Approval, Self-Attestation Forms are Live

SEIU 721 Agreement Receives Final Board Approval. 

$1000 Bonus Coming Later This Month.

“Self-Attestation” Forms for Additional Bonuses Are Live.

After an historic string of Heroes Pay for All actions – more than 150 across LA County – we secured a landmark contract with the largest across-the-board bonuses in County history, full healthcare cost coverage, and a new Juneteenth paid holiday!

Today, the Board of Supervisors gave final approval to the SEIU 721 agreement, which clears the way for the Auditor to process the general $1000 bonus in time for payroll on November 15 or November 30.

Additional $500 bonuses require completion of a “self-attestation” form – simply checking two boxes to attest that your job duties required you to come within 6 feet of a co-worker, patient, client, or member of the public for a period of at least 15 minutes on at least one occasion during the pandemic.

To complete the form go to, click on ‘eFORMS’ and locate the form under the ‘Countywide’ title.

SEIU 721 members in DHS are eligible for an additional bonus of up to $650. Following completion of the Countywide form you will be prompted to fill out the “DHS COVID Heroes Pay” attestation form for the DHS-specific bonus.

The November 24, 2021 “deadline” is only a deadline for the DHS bonuses(because they must be paid out in 2021.) SEIU 721 members can still claim the Countywide $500 bonus after November 24, but will not receive payment until after the first of the year.

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