No union reps at LA County’s LAC+USC? NO WAY, we say!

It’s unbelievable but here we are. After being the backbone of LA County’s healthcare response during the pandemic, management is rewarding us by trying to ban our union representatives from being on county premises.

Their first target: The LAC+USC Medical Center.

“It’s outrageous and unacceptable – and we won’t be intimidated,” said SEIU 721 President David Green.

We quickly assembled a March on the Boss this afternoon in a show of worker power to file a third Unfair Labor Practice against LA County.

All four officers of our union helped hand deliver the ULP – including President David Green, Vice President Simboa Wright, Treasurer Adolfo Granados and Secretary Lillian Cabral as well as LAC+USC member leaders.

We marched from the doorstep of the flagship LAC+USC Medical Center all the way up to management’s offices to make our sentiments strikingly clear.

We have sacrificed so much – well before but particularly during the pandemic – to keep LA County’s healthcare network functioning.

But it’s clear how little management respects us, or our union.

We are the safety net. And it was us, as a union, that fought successfully for PPE and stronger contracts, with higher salaries and bonuses.

Management called us heroes – but it was our union that insisted we be rewarded during contract bargaining.

Now we’re bargaining for a new contract. And now, management is trying to fight our union from having a presence at the LAC+USC Medical Center.

Who knows what facility is next?

We can’t let that happen. Stand up and stand strong at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 in downtown LA.

We need to pack Downtown LA to show them that we’re serious about standing our ground.

This pandemic proved to everyone – they can’t do it without us. We reminded them today with our March on the Boss. Let’s remind them again at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31. Together, we win!

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