We Won’t Be Intimidated by LA County Management — We’re Filing Unfair Employee Relations Practice Charges

Last week the County gave us their infuriating salary offer of 2% in raises per year and now their managers are stooping to a new low.

They’re restricting SEIU 721 union reps’ access to County facilities and attempting to silence our collective voice.

This is a flagrant violation of labor law and of our union contract, and we’re not going to stand for it. We’re filing multiple Unfair Employee Relations Practice charges against the Department of Health Services (DHS) for unilaterally imposing unreasonable restrictions on union access at LAC+USC, and unlawfully changing its access rules without affording us notice and the opportunity to meet and confer.

The reality is that LA County wants to silence our voices.

They’ve seen the hundreds of our photos on social media over the last few weeks, they’ve seen us in County virtual meetings with our SEIU 721 Zoom backgrounds, and they saw the TV reports from our action at the Hall of Administration during the holiday season.

Now they’re seeing us mobilize for our Fight for the Frontline March and Rally on March 31st,and they’re afraid we just might immobilize the County. They’re stooping this low to suppress our turnout for the 31st.

This won’t be the last time the County runs afoul of our union contract and our rights — they’ve already demonstrated how low they’re willing to go at the bargaining table, and by illegally keeping us out of County facilities.  That’s why we need every LA County member to register for the March and Rally on the 31st. The more boots on the ground we have, the more effectively we can send our message.

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