Women are the 💜 of LA County

It is International Women’s Day, a perfect time to reflect on just how much we rely on women’s labor, especially in the LA County workforce.

Traditionally – and it’s a fact that still holds true – women have dominated the ranks of healthcare, social services and clerical work. At LA County, our union heavily represents those three professional specialties.

It’s a major motivator for us to show up in big numbers at the upcoming FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 in downtown LA. Join us!

It’s the women of LA County who have carried the load during the pandemic – both on and off the clock, especially during the era of lockdowns and remote schooling.

Women held it together.

And as these turbulent times continue, we know the women of our union will do what’s required to keep things moving.

That’s why it’s so critical to value the work that the women do. Women are the heart of LA County and, oftentimes, the heart of their own families.

Every time we bargain hard for a strong contract, we’re motivated to do so because our families rely on us to provide – a tougher thing to do in this era of inflation and higher rents.

For this generation of women, the meaning of “families” has evolved.

Many women nowadays are caregivers for multiple generations – children and elders – on top of handling professional responsibilities.

But women are still underpaid compared to men, which is why union membership is that much more valuable for women.

Our union bargains hard – in ways we simply could not do individually – to make sure we get as much value as possible for our work.

But to drive a hard bargain and make sure we don’t’ get taken for granted, we need to show up in big numbers to the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 in downtown LA.

Be there with our union Sisters and Brothers for what is shaping up to be the biggest march in SEIU 721 history – especially now that we are teaming up with our Sisters and Brothers at the City of Los Angeles for this massive event.

We have the pulse of the workforce. It’s time to tell the Board of Supervisors what it is!

On this International Women’s Day, let’s make plans to be there at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE on Thurs., Mar. 31 so that everyone knows it – from the heart of the Civic Center and all throughout LA County!