LA City Members: We did it! Our 4.77% in Cash Payments are Locked In!

LA City members: We did it!

We ratified our Salary Reopener Tentative Agreement that includes cash payments amounting to 4.77% of LA City members’ annual salary (see examples of cash payments here).

This will recover cash that we gave up when we agreed to delay our 2% raises from 2021 to 2022.

In addition, we are already scheduled to receive two 2% raises for a total of 4.04% (with compounding) both starting in the pay period beginning June 19, 2022, and we continue to get our new 40 hours of Personal Leave each year — both as a result of the MOU Amendment No. 1 that you ratified in January of 2021.

This is the union difference. When we come together and fight, we can ensure the City acts to honor and respect our work.


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So are all la county employees going to be receiving the raise in June?