LA City Salary Reopener TA — Voting Now Available!

In case you missed it, we reached a Tentative Agreement on our Salary Reopener!

Online voting began this morning. You can cast your online ballot here, and the chairs of the bargaining team strongly recommend a YES vote to secure these cash payments.


So what’s in the TA?

The Salary Reopener TA will recover cash that we gave up when we agreed to delay our 2% raises from 2021 to 2022.  Members will receive cash payments equivalent to the money they lost by delaying 2021 raises which amounts to 4.77% of your annual salary.

In addition to the cash payout, we are already scheduled to receive two 2% raises for a total of 4.04% (with compounding) both starting in the pay period beginning June 19, 2022 and we continue to get our new 40 hours of Personal Leave each year, both as a result on the MOU Amendment No. 1 that you ratified in January of 2021.

This table below gives you a sample of how much members can expect to receive. 

The cash payouts will be calculated based on your hourly rate during the pay period ending April 23, 2022 annualized. It will be divided in two and then paid out in two equal amounts on your pay check on May 4, 2022 and November 16, 2022. For purposes of comparison, we used sample Classes from each MOU where SEIU Local 721 represents members showing amounts if you are on Step 12 without any regularly assigned bonus pay. If you are on a lower Step, the amount will be less. If you are paid regularly assigned bonuses, the amount will be more.

Only members in good standing can vote on the Tentative Agreement.

Mail packets are being sent to all members. All votes by mail must be sent back and must arrive at SEIU 721 offices by 9AM on Monday, April 18th. Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused frequent delays in the postal service. We recommend you vote online. If you did not receive a mail packet you can call 877-721- 4968 to request ballot or obtain further assistance.

If you cast an online ballot and paper ballot, only the online vote will count.