Attention LA City Members: Want to be on Your MOU Bargaining Team?

The last 27 months by no means have been easy for LA City workers.

Early in the pandemic, we fended off layoffs and furloughs by making sacrifices. We kept the City afloat and carried out core services without interruptions.

The recent contract re-opener made us whole by locking in 4.77% in cash payments, and finally closed a chapter in that era of the pandemic.

Now we must turn our attention to 2023 and beyond by negotiating a strong successor MOU that considers all of our work and sacrifices.

Make no mistake, we’re once again at a major crossroads in the City, and this won’t be easy. A new Mayor will take office in December, and our LA City Council will also look drastically different.

Independent of who’s in City office, the fact remains that every SEIU 721 member needs to stay engaged and involved for us to negotiate, and win a very strong contract.

The first step is for SEIU 721 members to begin assembling new Bargaining Teams for our upcoming contract negotiations. MOU 4, MOU 8, MOU 14, MOU 15, MOU 17, and MOU 18 SEIU 721 members will have the chance to nominate, and elect the Bargaining Team Member of their choice.

If you’re interested in joining your Bargaining Team, download your MOU’s petition down below and start circulating.  You must gather at least 30 valid signatures from fellow SEIU 721 members in your MOU and in good-standing. You may wish to amass more than 30 signatures for your petition in case some signatures are found to be invalid.

The deadline for us to receive the nomination petitions has been extended to July 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm. 

To submit a nominating petition, return it to your worksite organizer, SEIU 721 headquarters, or email the completed form to

The classic saying remains true: United we bargain, divided we beg. Remember this as contract bargaining approaches! Our ability to win a fair contract at the bargaining table depends on our unity.



MOU 14

MOU 15

MOU 17

MOU 18