LA County members ratify new 3-year contract with a 12% raise and more

With an overwhelming 94% YES vote, LA County members just approved a new three-year contract – securing the biggest one-year raise in LA County history and the largest one-year salary increases since 2006.

This hard-fought victory is thanks to our on-the-ground organizing and on-the-street action over the last 18 months. It paid off!

We, the members of SEIU 721, are the frontline of LA County – and we bargained hard for a contract that rewards us for the work we do.

It includes a 12% raise over the life of our three-year contract, with:

  • A 5.5% raise AND a $1,375 bonus in 2022
  • A 3.25% raise in 2023
  • Another 3.25% raise in 2024

Our new contract also features:

  • Up to $195/month to cover projected medical premium cost increases
  • $100-$375/month for childcare and elder care costs
  • Extra dollars for life insurance, public transit subsidies and more
  • A commitment from the county to expand telework opportunities, with reimbursements for required expenses

Next steps: The LA County Board of Supervisors must vote to formally approve this new contract. That should take place in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, stay #UnionStrong and stay connected to our union. Together, we win!

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When will we be seeing the 1375? Some seiu reps have said by july 30th others have said otherwise.

Stacee French

So 45 days after the contract is ratified. How long does it take for the board to ratified the decision

natasha lee

Will this be announced this week , or its not a 100% grantee?

Patience Ausmus

Thank you all so much for your hard work. We appreciate you!! 🙂

K. Deckard

Will the refund be issued as a separate check from our county paycheck? Just trying to understand how HR will be able to include the bonus in our paychecks in a few weeks.

Yes Man

Get ready to explain what deductions are to these morons when they see $800 instead of $1375.

Liza Guerrero

Will the 5.5% raise for 2022 be retro since January?

Arthur Esqueda

Will this be on the Board of Supervisor’s Agenda for the 07/26 meeting for approval?

Virginia Vega

Very thankful to the Hard working

Jaime Calvillo

I was informed that we’ll be receiving the “one-time bonus” on the August 15th paycheck. Also, I overheard about a possible cost-of-living (COLA) adjustment: “All Union represented employees will be receiving a 5.5% starting in October, 2.5 % in January 2023, followed by 2% in January 2024, and another 2% in January 2025”. Is this correct? Thank you!


Is the percent increase on top of our annual step increases?

Erica Gonzales

What items are included for represented and non-represented employees?

Celeste Gatti

What if we were hired two weeks ago as a temp worker? Will we still receive this bonus?


Will this apply for all employee, even new employees?

DeAndrea Davis
  • what do the county mean by:
  • A commitment from the county to expand telework opportunities, with reimbursements for required expenses?
  • how will this apply to line staff employee’s?
  • upper management are the only one’s that are currently benefiting from the teleworking

Will our bonus be on our upcoming paycheck, July 30th or will we see it on our August 15th check?

LuzMaria Gomez

The 2022 5.5% increase will count from what month or would it be retro to Jan 2022.

Letty Lopez

To my understanding the contract has been ratified, correct?