2022 Regional Council Elections – Candidate Statements

SEIU Local 721 Regional Council nominations already have been received and ballots are being sent in the mail at the end of this week. Ballots must be returned by 9 A.M. on Friday, October 7, 2022. The vote count will take place that same day approximately at 9:30am. in each of the SEIU 721 Regional Offices (LA, Ventura and Riverside).

Below are statements for all Regional Council candidates who are up for election. Statements have been arranged by region and then candidates are then listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Inland Region

Eric Bush

Hello, this is Eric Bush and thank you for the Regional Council Board member Ballot nomination. I have been employed with the city of Riverside for over 15 years as a mini Bus Driver with the Riverside Connect department. I transport Disabled and Senior passengers within our city. I am also a SEIU 721  Steward, representing fellow  members throughout the city to make sure their work environments are within our Union rights. I am looking forward to representing our members in another capacity within the Union as a Regional Council Board member with intentions  to learn more about the rights


Frank Lee

Having been a member of SEIU for 6 years, I feel it is time to become more involved with the union than I have been in the past. My interest in running for a place on the Regional Council board  stems from the fact that I want to continue working for the rights of all City Of Riverside Staff. While much has been done in this area, there are still many more hurdles to overcome.

Los Angeles County Region

Shawnte Beacham Houston

My name is Shawnté Beacham-Houston, PhD. I have been a Department of Children and Family Services Children’s Social Worker for 15 years; 7 years in the capacity of a Dependency Investigator at the Compton-Carson office. I would like to be a Regional Council member because I am committed to advocating for SEIU 721 members. I previously served on the 2018 and 2022 bargaining team, BU 723-CSWs. I am an active member of the SEIU 721 Social Workers’ Chapter. I am a union steward and I am vested in helping our valued members with work related issues and through member organizing.


Tracey Boykins

My name is Tracey Boykins. I am an Eligibility Worker for DPSS and have worked for the Department for 20 years. I have also been a shop steward for 16 yrs. I am very active with our union and have been involved but not limited to: Bargaining, LA Regional Council and is currently serving on it, Representation Appeal Committee, etc. I believe that true unionism is about representation, transparency, equality, and to fight for our rights. I am asking for your support by voting for me again on the LA Regional Council. Thank you


Michelle Clark

I have been a clerk for the Los Angeles Superior Court since 2017 and a Union member since. My litigation did not have a union steward and in 2020 I became the union steward. I sat on the bargaining team during negotiations, and I have participated in union meetings with the Court’s management and administration. The Los Angeles Superior Court union members need more representation on the Regional Counsel.  I want to be that voice for the court system.  I want SEIU to know the Los Angeles Superior Court union members wants to be heard and need to be heard.


Frances DeCarlo

Hello DCFS Colleagues, I have served as your Regional Council representative and secretary for two plus years, and as Union Steward for over 20 years. I am a 28 year veteran CSW III at DCFS.  As your representative I have been your voice in matters regarding work issues and job safety, wages, grievances, vaccine mandates, and occupational hazards. With your vote I will continue to be your voice in the Regional Council and keep them informed of the hard work that DCFS line workers do to accomplish the ever growing demands placed on us by DCFS. In Solidarity. Frances DeCarlo


Yolanda Floyd

Hello! I am Yolanda Floyd I candidate for Regional Council Representation Matters!! ,I have and I will do that for Social Services Member and all Members, I have been vice chair for BU731the last two bargaining session and work on other committees are stronger together and that is what we need from our Union and we need leadership that understands, and I would like to be that person to keep us moving forward.


Fiona Henlon

Fiona Henlon RN Honored to be your voice , representing all county employees within my region.  LA county employee since 1999,  served as a bargaining  team  sergeant of arms for several cycles. Marched in the fight for $15 and on the BOS for an increased COLA we won . Lobbied at the state capital with CA Nurse Alliance representing  SEIU and I’m the public sector south co- chair of CA Nurse alliance. I was active member on the covid response team for 3 years  winning the fight, safety for all members, allowing members N95 access  whenever requested. vote for me


Veronica Johnson

My name is Veronica Johnson and I’m a GSW.  I have been a shop steward for over 15 year.  You elected me to 3 bargaining teams and 2 Regional Council.  I thank you for trusting me in those positions.  I’m asking you to allow me to represent you again on the Regional Council.  Staffing and safety are some of the issues facing us.  I will need your input on others.   I will work hard for BU 711 and our issues.  Thank you for your time.


Silva Kechichian

My Name is Silva Kechichian, and I am a proud Armenian-American activist. I currently work for LA County as a SW. I served as an elected Negotiator for the Bargaining 711 unit and a Shop Steward as DPSS-IHSS, at the Chatsworth Office. I am committed to serving the needs of my fellow coworkers and members. I have a proven record of success, where my strong ethics and integrity, combined with my strong leadership skills have led us to where we are today.  I am currently re-running to serve as a Regional Council Member and committed to make changes in union


Jazmine Loreto

My name is Jazmine Loreto, and I am a proud steward and member of SEIU 721. In my 7 years working with DCFS at the Hawthorne office I have participated in the county wide ER working group, labor management meetings, advocated for the Title IV-E waiver to help with community-based services, met to discuss policy changes, working conditions, and I was part of the Social Work Bargaining team 2022. I encourage you to please vote for me during the Regional Council Election. Thank you!


Lucy Mack

I have been a Union Steward for 22+ years, I have negotiated several contracts,  and served on legacy Local 660 and current Local 721 Executive Boards. As a steward, I continue to protect our rights and our MOU. Today, we are faced with challenges that are causing  much stress and unrealistic expectations from our employers. It is a critical time and we must continue to work together and protect our rights and our livelihoods. I will be your voice and will fight for everything fair as union members. I will stand firm for transparency and equality. I am asking for


Ileana Meza

I am a proud Nurse Practitioner at LAC+USC, where I have worked for the past two decades. I am a proud Member Leader and Steward. I Chair the Bargaining Policy Committee, Registered Nurse Professional Council and Bargaining Unit 311. Advocacy and activism to ensure the best representation, compensation, and benefits is of utmost importance to me. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves to get the job done. Dedication, diligence, and determination are the three D’s that drive my commitments to Members. Please vote for me for SEIU 721 Regional Council and I will proudly continue to represent.


Charlotte Ramos

I’ve been a Los Angeles Superior Court employee for 36 years and a SEIU 721 Steward for more than 20. In my time at the union, I’ve worked tirelessly to advocate for our members, including taking active roles and the Executive Board and Regional Council. I’m an active bargaining team member and Lost Timer, working on the unions Rise and Resist and Riverside Courts unionization campaigns.  I’ve also made countless trips to Sacramento to lobby for the vital services our communities need. I look forward to continuing to serve you on Regional Council.


Lawrence Reyes

In A Labor Of Love. My name is Lawrence Reyes, Senior Community Worker and Supporter since I arrived in DMH.  I enjoy working with Peer’s on a Mutual and intentional equity approach meeting  People where they are at in a spirit of Mutuality. I have been given another opportunity to restore my life journey and sincerely know and feel I can’t not keep it without giving another person the same opportunity I got. Unselfishly, I partner up with the unhoused on margins of society that are in struggle. For Regional Council Vote 4 Me


Barbara Thurman

I have served my fellow members for over 12 years as a Steward. I am asking for your support again in this upcoming Regional Council election. Your voice has always been the voice I have brought to any table, committee, or meeting. I  am asking for your support once again and to vote for me when you received your Regional Council ballot!!


Kelly Zhou

My name is Dr. Kelly Zhou, I am a Nurse Anesthesiologist at LAC USC Medical Center. I have been working at our medical center for over 20 years. I am Chair of our RN Labor and Management committee. We work collaboratively with labor and management teams to discuss and resolve issues promptly. I am a steward, and I am honored to help my member brothers and sisters. I currently am the vice chair of our regional council, I am a hard worker and a good listener, and I lead by example. I ask for your vote, so I can continue


LA/OC Cities Region

Marcus Carrington

Hello Members, My name is Marcus Carrington. I grew up in the City of Angels. I have 17 years with the City of Los Angeles, 5 years with General Services and 12 years with LAWA. I have 13 years in Custodial and I have 4 years as a Maintenance Laborer. My grandfather Willie Clinton Lewis was employed 24 years with the Department of Water on Power as a Maintenance and Construction Helper. The reason I’m running for SEIU 721 Regional Council, I want to educate the members about there City Benefits, MOU contract, safety regulations and inspire members about the


Dion Cornelious

I am Dion Cornelious, I would like to be elected to serve on the regional council for MOU 4. I have over 20 years experience protecting members jobs. We need strong fighters like myself serving our members. I need your vote, we can get it done together. Our working conditions and work schedules are important to us all. Let’s stand together and keep what we have and get more of what we deserve. Thank You Vote! For Dion Cornelious


Denise Greene

Working for the City quite some time also Steward since employment known city wide I am for all employees strong believer in equality, fairness, opportunities, safety, fighting for what’s right go against what’s wrong not afraid to speak up not afraid of challenges as employees we are family at the same time we are only one person we can only do what we can with what we have I ask that you allow me to be your voice to bring forth all questions, concerns, problems, needs, will’s, wont’s, do’s, and dont’s to the bargaining table! As your BARGAINING TEAM MEMBER!


Robert Potter

I am Robert Potter, a current member and Chair of the LA/OC Cities Regional Council. I am also the President of LAPMA representing MOUs 36, 63 and 64 and look forward to continuing to support our members as I have for the last 6 years on the Regional Council.  I would appreciate your consideration and vote.


Art Rios

My name is Art Rios, I am a Senior Park Maintenance Supervisor at LAWA.  I have 35 years of work experience with the City, of which, 22 years have been in Supervision.  I’ve successfully managed and directed many maintenance projects at BOSS, LACC, Rec and Parks and LAWA.  I have a proven track record of having integrity, enforcing policy and procedures while successfully putting members on the right path. If elected, my work ethic and commitment will carry over to the Regional Council.  My intentions are to make meaningful contributions and support all  MOU 36 brothers and sisters.


Jesse Vales

Hello, my name is Jesse Valdes RCTO, with the department of sanitation with the City of Los Angeles for over 20 years. I have been defending my coworkers for 10 years as a shop Steward with SEIU712, and will continue to do so. Jesse Valdes

Tri-Counties Region

Leonard Castillo
I’m a 6 year worker with Ventura County HSA, currently a Client Benefit Specialist III. I’m a Stewart in training, a Contract Action Team (CAT) member, and active member in our Union. I acknowledge the importance of an active Union, and the need to continuously check the pulse of our members. That’s where you come in, by casting a vote for me not only assures that I will be diligent in keeping members engaged about the issues at hand but have a voice through my seat at the table. My door will always be open and transparency is priority.


Tiffany Froedge

My name is Tiffany Froedge. I have worked for Ventura Superior Court for approximately 27 years. I have spent the last 22 as a Judicial Assistant. I became an active union member and union steward to fight for the rights of my fellow members whether at the bargaining table or individually assisting members during a time of need. I have educated myself in Labor Relations and Human Resources to better assist my fellow members. I am running for Regional Council to expand how I can help the members at Ventura Superior Court.


Kimberly Goodman

Hello Members, My name is Kimberly Goodman and I’m asking for your support. Now more than ever we need the strength of our members and strong leadership committees. One of my goals is to ensure that we are well-represented at the regional level, and that any important knowledge obtained is brought back solely to serve our members. I’m currently an elected member on the bargaining team and Steward for SEIU 721. I’m committed to serving the needs of my fellow coworkers and members. I will continue to represent each of you in solidarity.


Salvador Leanos

To my union sisters and brothers: I have been supporting and advocating for SEIU 721 members since I joined the strike that occurred at the County in 2001. Additionally, members have trusted in me to represent them on several bargaining committees, and I continue to support the bargaining committee as a Contract Action Team (CAT) member. Also, I have completed the Union Steward trainings. My entire career has been with Environmental Health, a County regulatory compliance division, which requires attention to details. As always, I put the interest of the members first. Thank you for your consideration.


Felipa Lopez

My name is Felipa Lopez.  I am a CBS III for the Human Services Agency. I am here to represent all members.  I believe all members should have a voice and be heard.


Grace Sepulveda

The Regional Council deserves an experienced leader to continue to raise and address members concerns to the higher level it deserves. For the past 15 years I had the privilege to serve as a Steward, Regional Council Member, Co-Chair of the Latino Caucus and E-Board VP for Tri County. Our Union through COPE has allowed me to attend numerous Sacramento Lobbying visits. In 2016 testified when the Non-Profit Organizations were attempting to take the Medi-Cal program from our Counties throughout CA, we prevailed! It will be an honor and privilege to represent you and continue to be your Voice.


Erika Villa

I am running for re-election because advocating for my union brothers and sisters has been my passion since joining the County of Ventura in 2018. Since then, I became a steward, member of the Contract Action Team (CAT), and was elected to serve on SEIU’s bargaining team in 2019 and 2022. I was also recently elected to SEIU’s Executive Board. I hope to be given the opportunity to continue representing you.

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