Ventura Superior Court Hosts Justice Jamboree

Ventura Superior Court frontline workers turned out in droves for the Justice Jamboree on Wed., Sept. 21. It was a lively event organized entirely by Courts members themselves and included a fun meet & greet with SEIU 721 President David Green.

Attendees received swag bags filled with union goodies – including SEIU 721 lanyards, flags, hand sanitizer bottles and a special purple ribbon.

We can’t wear official insignia in the Court. So, on Mondays – when we hold contract bargaining sessions – we wear these special purple ribbons to show our union solidarity. It’s how we Purple Up!

At the Justice Jamboree, we also gave everyone a contract bargaining update. We’ve been to the table with management twice and we’re moving in the right direction.

But we deserve more – and we know can get it. Stay tuned for info on future actions we’ll be taking to make sure we get the strong contract we deserve.

United we bargain, divided we beg!