LA City Bargaining Update 10.3.22

We can’t allow the City to take us backwards!

While we negotiate for pensionable pay increases that keep up with the cost of living, and reward us for our heroism throughout the last 2 ½ years of this pandemic, the City has other plans.

They’re trying to nickel-and-dime us by proposing non-pensionable cash bonuses. Adding insult to injury, the City want us to give back the 40 hours of personal time that we successfully negotiated and won with our 2021 Contract Amendment.

We say — NO WAY.

The reality is that cash payment bonuses in lieu of pensionable pay increases is a menace to the health of our LACERS pension. The City’s proposal will erode our pensions!

We’ve worked WAY too hard – before and especially during the pandemic – to not fight for a strong contract and respect.

Let’s remind the City that every Civilian Worker stepped up during this once in a hundred-year pandemic to carry out unforeseen roles. We bailed them out by agreeing to sacrifice salary increases, and we delivered permanent savings, and immediate deficit relief when they needed it most through the Separation Incentive Program (SIP).

We continue to be heroes during these unprecedented times — we deserve strong raises, and we want respect from the City.

While our Bargaining Teams fight for us at the bargaining table, strong contracts are ultimately won in the field. Every SEIU 721 member needs to do their part.

Stay tuned for updates.