REMINDER TO LA COUNTY: Pay increase in October! We’ll see it in our Oct. 30 paycheck.

Friendly reminder: The raise that our union bargained hard for takes effect on Oct. 30! We will see a pay bump at the end of the month.

Officially, our pay increase begins accruing on Oct. 1. That technicality is important not just for salary purposes but for our benefits and retirement purposes; our contract with LA County specifies that their contributions to us begin as the month starts, not as it ends. But that also means our raise will show up in our paycheck at the end of the month.

So, as October begins, let’s all look forward to the 30th. Start thinking now about how you’ll spend those extra dollars when the big day comes!

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I’ll be spending it on gas since we’re being forced to go back to the office.

John G

If we want lower gas prices, SEIU should pressure the Biden administration to resume selling the oil drilling leases they stopped 2 years ago. OPEC just announced they’re reducing production. US needs it’s own supply.


John it is important we understand the effects that oil drilling has on the environment. I can assure you that providing more leases to oil companies will not ease the pain at the pump. Are you aware of the profit margins for these oil companies? They are currently experiencing record profits all while at the same time telling you, that they must charge you more for services and goods. I doubt helping them accrue more assets will somehow trickle down to the consumer. I am curious to hear your argument for your statement.


Some positions are receiving more than 5.5 where can we check this ?

Jacqueline Powis

Thank you Jesus we need this

Wendy Glass Givens

Thank you for always advocating for us!!!

Brett P

Yeah, we see more money, but it’s going to our gas tanks to fill up our cars.

Kenneth Farris

Time to go electric


You think someone struggling with paying gas can just buy an electric car? How privileged of you.

Yvonne Kahanu

Do we have a book or booklet showing all raises, new or adjusted information?


I don’t see the increase in my salary when I check it under ecaps. Shouldn’t it already show up there?

K. Foster

Disregard the reply

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Paying for gas and groceries.


So that means we get the raise on the Nov. 15 check because Oct. 30th is on a Sunday.


I was surprised to not see the change in my salary when I look it up in mylacounty. When will reflect my new salary?

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Salary change does not appear to be reflected yet online. Anyone else experience this checking your current salaries online?

Donna Huggins-Kilgore

Thanks god because we need the money due to gas price

Wendy Withers
  • Question, how do we determine if the County Benefits Allowance increase is what was bargained for. I read it was “Up to $195/month to cover projected medical premium cost increases” and “Dollars toward life insurance,” please let me know where i can go to see the actual numbers.
Wendy Withers

Its just ridiculous that the increase doesn’t even cover the increased cost of the Medical option i have. i guess “Up to $195/month to cover projected medical premium cost increases” sounds a lot better then +75 county ben allowance and +100 cost of your medical option.

Wendy Withers

As for the pay increase, it will probably be consumed by the increased cost of Medical, since the county benefits allowance increase doesn’t even cover the monthly cost increase for Medical.

Evangelina Madrid-Kerr

I just check my salary on employee self service, which the 5.5% is not reflecting accrual. I called payroll and they stated that it wouldn’t start accruing until 10/30? which means I won’t see the pay increase until 11/30? DHS payroll stated that if it was incorrect to have the union call them. please clarify.

Ana lorena Chavez

Pay increase? How much?

Kimani Thomas

It says accrual begins as of 10/1. So we will get paid adjusted salary on 10/30 for entire month? This wording is confusing

Leo Laoang

Is there any clarification on overtime double pay?


Going straight into savings to prepare for this depress..I mean, recession.


Always a good idea to save and invest when possible. I think a lot of folks are looking to do the same. Unfortunately after bills many are left with little to nothing to save.

Diane Manning

Thank you.

Carlos Mejia

Hello SEIU,

I don’t see a reflection of the pay increase when I look at my salary. When is this of occurring? Also, when does the bilingual increase and mentor incentive pay take into effect? Thank you.

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ana chavez

my item is Supervisor Patient Financial Service Worker 1 and I work at the ER. Do I need to fill out a form to received the ER bonus?

Roberto A Salazar

Thank you to all who worked to obtain this historic raise, and bonus for us. Although this is indeed the highest raise in one year provided by LA County, it seems to just keep up with current inflation. With minimum wage increasing at the rate it is, the county will have to do more to remain competitive and retain employees in crucial sectors.


Not really keeping up with inflation at all.

John G

What do you expect with SEIU now pushing for $20-25 minimum wage


Well said RMARQUEZ. Corporations put profit before people including their own employees. It is difficult if not impossible for someone making minimum wage to afford shelter, bills, and food.


What do you propose John G? The current minimum wage is not keeping up with inflation and general costs of goods. If you are appose to increasing minimum wage, do you support an increase in federal and state assistance for individuals making minimum wage? Should we do nothing and allow these individuals to go without basic necessities?


Yes sadly, I would have to agree with you.

T. Lucero

Does this include Superior Court employees?

Krysten Sims

Thank you much needed

Helen Burnett

What about the expanding telework? How does that work?