Breaking News! The LA City TA Ratification Results Are In.

We have breaking news!

After weeks of SEIU 721 Member voting on our LA City 1-year Tentative Agreement and dues alignment, we now have the results.

Here’s how we collectively voted on the two ballot items:

  • We overwhelmingly voted YES to ratify our 1-yr. deal contract with the City of Los Angeles.
  • We also voted to align our union member dues to the 1.5% of base wages, the standard set by the Executive Board in 2010.

Congratulations on locking in our 3% raises effective January 1, 2023, our one-time 5% cash bonus on July 26, 2023, and for strengthening our union power with dues alignment!

As we stated throughout the process, our dues alignment won’t go into effect until the year 2024 AND only when a raise kicks in that year. 

In addition, once the LA City Council approves this 1-year contract, our elected Bargaining Teams will return to the bargaining table to negotiate unit and classification bonuses, inequities, and salary notes for this 1-yr contract.

Please scroll down below for any other questions you may have on dues alignment and stay tuned for next steps. Text SEIU to 721721 to be the first in receiving SEIU 721 Member breaking news.

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