LA Superior Court Reporters: An update and a request to send our stories

Last week was a big success for us at the LA Superior Court AND for Court Reporters throughout California. Our rally outside the LA Superior Court building created a big buzz at the Civic Center. We got big headlines on Ch. 7 Eyewitness News, on Univisión 34 and in LAist, which broadcasts on NPR.

Plus, that very same day, The Recorder published an opinion piece by the same State Legislature representatives who authored the critical bills guaranteeing state funding that made sure money was there to keep Court Reporters in Family Court and Probate Court as well as Writs and Receivers.

Our rally and press conference at the LA Superior Court has lit up a firestorm of determination felt by our Court Reporter colleagues at courthouses up and down the Golden State. They saw that we fought back. They’re fighting back, too – and morale is high.

We’re on a roll!

Now we need to stick together and shift our focus. Our Legislative colleagues in Sacramento delivered for us by supplying $30 million statewide to keep Court Reporters where we need to be – and by driving home that point to the media last week.

What they need from us now are first-hand accounts of Court Reporter recruitment failures.

Court CEOs claim the problem is a shortage of Court Reporters. THAT IS INCORRECT.

There is no Court Reporter shortage problem. There is a Court Reporter RECRUITMENT problem – and, oftentimes, bad decision-making by the Court CEOs themselves is a big reason why we have a problem at all.

We know it. Now we need to make sure the State Legislature knows it.

So, our union – SEIU 721 – is calling all of us at the LA Superior Court to share our stories of Court Reporter recruitment failures and shortcomings. SEIU locals up and down California will be asking our fellow Court Reporters in their respective areas to do the same,

Send yours now!




Our Legislative allies need facts to back them up when Court CEOs across California claim there was simply nothing they could do all those years to recruit Court Reporters. We need to prove there’s no real shortage – and there’s no real recruitment either!

Send in your story and let’s keep up the momentum. Together, we win!

P.S. SEIU California is also asking our Court Reporter colleagues to send in their stories, too. Let’s make sure the LA Superior Court is represented! #UnionStrong

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