USC Shuttle Drivers Demand for University President Carol Folt to Immediately Recognize our Union

There’s No Stopping Us Now — We’re On The Move!

We’ve demanded USC President Carol Folt immediately recognize our union.

It’s official! On Monday, February 6th, we filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) our intent to form our union with SEIU Local 721.

On top of that, we led a shuttle driver delegation directly to the doorstep of USC President Carol Folt to let her know that we expect the university to respect our supermajority.

We made it clear that President Folt needs to voluntarily recognize our union and immediately begin collective bargaining negotiations for our first union contract.

There’s no stopping us now!

We’re ready and committed to fight for better wages and benefits, respect on the job, and more.

For more information, contact SEIU 721 Organizers Felipe Caceres at (213) 361-7848 or Jesus Garcia at (213) 280-7707.

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