NLACRC 2023-2028 Contract FAQs

On February 17th, 2023, North LA County Regional Center members ratified the NLACRC 2023-2028 contract, locking in the biggest cash increase at the center in over 10 years, two new paid holidays, improved health and vision benefits, and more!

But what does that mean for members?

We scoured the new Contract Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and pulled out the answers to some of members’ most pressing questions. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers below.


Where’s our bonus?

After months of hard-fought work on a new contract, our bonus and new pay scale are almost here.


When will we get our one-time-only (OTO) bonus?

Per the Contract Bargaining Agreement (CBA): “An eight percent (8%) one-time-only payment shall be paid to all eligible employees on the second payday after ratification of this Agreement.”

Ratification was February 17th, 2023, which means the OTO will be paid out on March 17th, 2023.


Will I get the bonus if I’m on a Leave of Absence?

Yes! Per the CBA: “To be eligible to receive the one-time-only payment, an employee must be employed by the Employer on the second payday after ratification of the Agreement. Being on a performance improvement plan does not affect an employee’s eligibility to receive the one-time-only payment.”


When will the new pay scale take effect?

A new wage scale will go into effect the first day of the second pay period after ratification of this Agreement. Employees who are currently below Step 1 of the new wage scale will move to the new Step 1. All employees who were not below Step 1 of the new wage scale will be placed on the new wage scale at their current salary. If an employee’s salary is initially in between steps on the wage scale, the employee will be placed at the next highest step on the wage scale for their classification.


Where is our ABr payment?

In your next pay stub, you should no longer see a lump sum payment labeled “ABr”, which was the ABX funds. Effective the first day of the second pay period after ratification of this Agreement, all ABX2-1 funds received by the Employer shall be included at the rate of 9.85% in employee’s base salaries and included in the wage scale.

If you have any other questions please contact a Bargaining Team member, Chapter Officer, or Member Connection. 

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