From a 4/10 to a 5/40 schedule: LA County Animal Care & Control employees fight back

ACC Schedule Change

Tell us how going from a 4/10 to a 5/40 schedule would affect you at the LA County Dept. of Animal Care & Control.



Management at the LA County Dept. of Animal Care and Control has begun unilaterally changing employees’ work shifts with zero regard for our previously scheduled commitments. This kind of move can wreak a lot of unnecessary havoc, impacting everything from people’s childcare and elder care commitments to medical appointments and more.

Going from something like a 4/10 to a 5/40 schedule is also a potential violation of our union’s MOU. Our contract states that we are entitled to between five days to ten days notice. For union Stewards, the language states that the department must negotiate with the union.

We directed our attorney to deliver a Cease & Desist letter, declaring the department’s actions an Unfair Labor Practice and insisting that they reverse course. We demanded that the LA County Dept. of Animal Care and Control respect our Stewards, respect our MOU and respect us!

Recently, one of our union Stewards – Lt. Frank Medina – won his third level disciplinary hearing on this issue. It’s a big success, especially since Lt. Medina has been among those fighting on the frontlines of this issue.

Our union kept up the momentum, filing a General Grievance in Character (or “GGIC”) directly to Marcia Mayeda, the department’s director, and Tim Pescatello – the CEO of LA County. We noted that the department’s unilateral changes to our union member’s work schedules violate of Article 44, Section B of our contract. Additionally, we demanded a meeting with them.

SEIU 721 is pleased to report: This meeting WILL take place.

Now, we need some direct feedback from everyone working at Animal Care & Control. If the department were to suddenly change your schedule from 4/10 to 5/40, how would that impact you? Fill out the form above and tell us.

Remember: Contract violations are no small matter. When we’re at the negotiating table, our union scrutinizes every line of the MOU to make sure our members are getting a good deal.

When management changes contract terms on a whim, they’re undoing that deal. That’s not acceptable.

So, help us out by telling us how a sudden change from a 4/10 to 5/40 schedule would affect you. Then, stay tuned for more developments from us … and stay #UnionStrong.


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