Picket at MCJ on Wed., May 24: Show Up or Purple Up!

Our union’s Informational Picket at MCJ officially starts at 10 AM but tell us if you’re arriving earlier or later … or if you plan to Purple Up at your worksite instead.

CHS/LASD RSVPs for MCJ Picket on Wed., May 24

Let us know what time you plan to join us and where.



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I am reaching out to you regarding the current monetary disparities between CHS/DHS jail medical staff and the proposed pay increase for CHS employees. Are you fighting for this same bonus for the nurses that provide acute care to inmates at Los Angeles General Medical Center? Also, what is the status on our 5.5 % increase for hazard pay that has been supposedly approved? The CHS jail nurses already receive this bonus. Please advocate for all your jail nurses as we all face working in understaffed and dangerous conditions


Thank you kindly for the clarification. Have a good weekend!