LA City MOU Specials and our Next Steps

We have very important update on our MOU Specials.

Earlier this week, our elected Bargaining Team Members met to discuss and plan the next steps in our ongoing MOU Specials negotiations.

By a supermajority, our Bargaining Teams voted to roll over our MOU Specials items into our successor contract negotiations (e.g., a multi-year agreement).

As we informed you in prior communications, our Bargaining Teams have worked relentlessly to reach agreements on as many outstanding items as possible in the closing days of the fiscal year.

We came out in full force to LA City Hall in mid-June to show our anger and displeasure with the City and to keep up the pressure on City leaders.

To be clear, the MOU Special items that we could not reach agreement on before the end of the fiscal year are not going away. These unit specific items will still be priorities as we begin negotiations for our multi-year contract under our FIX LA Alliance, a broad-based coalition that includes our labor and community partners.

This is a transition, not an end to our fight.

Over the past several weeks, members at worksites throughout the City voiced their disgust with the City and we’re going to keep up that energy and launch our successor contract negotiations with a bang.

Here’s what comes next:

As early as next week, we will share our 2023 FIX LA Bargaining Survey with you — please take the time to make your voice heard. In addition to our pending MOU Specials, the survey will guide the priorities for our bargaining campaign.

In addition, we will be hosting worksite meetings throughout City worksites to give members an update on the transition and what’s next.

We need to keep the same energy out in our worksites that we’ve displayed to the City over the past several weeks — City leaders need to know that we’re united and only getting stronger.

Please stay tuned for the next steps and text SEIU to 721721 to receive breaking news.