USC Housing Workers Won a Historic Union Election to Join SEIU Local 721 on June 15; Here’s What One Worker Had to Say

Following USC Housing Workers’ victory in their June 15 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election to join SEIU Local 721, Angel Moreno, General Maintenance Worker for USC Housing, released the following statement: 

“I’m excited that my fellow USC Housing Workers stood with me today and voted yes to join SEIU Local 721.

It’s clear: There’s a growing unionization movement at USC, and we’re proud to be right in the middle of it by joining our transportation colleagues who’ve also voted to join SEIU Local 721 in recent months.

With our union victory today, we finally have a powerful voice on the job and the ability to win better pay and benefits and to improve our working conditions. Our union win, we believe, will also help to usher in necessary change that upgrades the services we provide to the USC community.

We look forward to meeting with USC officials soon to negotiate our first contract, and we call on the university to bargain with us in good faith.”