ATTN: LA County — We’re getting a raise in October!

This is a friendly reminder to our union’s LA County members: Another pay raise kicks in during the month of October. And it’s thanks to our union power, which formed the backbone of our bargaining strength during contract negotiations.

A refresher: Last year, our union negotiated with LA County for a new, three-year contract. Among other victories, we secured a 12% raise – the biggest raise in LA County history.

Our 12% pay raise schedule is as follows:

  • 5.5% (plus $1,275 bonus) in 2022
  • 3.25% in 2023 – IN OCTOBER
  • 3.25% in 2024

These are the largest one-year salary increases since 2006.

We can expect to see the 3.25% raise for 2023 reflected on our Oct. 30 paychecks. Here’s why:

  • At LA County, we get paid on the 15th and the 30th of each month.
  • When we receive our Oct. 15 paycheck, that’s our payment for the last half of September.
  • When we receive our Oct. 30 paycheck, that’s our payment for the first half of October – and since our pay raise technically goes into effect on Oct. 1, it gets reflected in our Oct. 30 paycheck.

So, be sure to check your Oct. 30 paycheck!

And never forget: It was our union power that got us this raise. We put the raise on the top of our agenda at our CAT meetings. We showed management that we meant business at our Unity Breaks. We packed the streets during our massive march on the Board of Supervisors to demand that they respect us, protect us and pay us. We did this together – we, the members of SEIU 721.

Remember this during the month of October and stay #UnionStrong!

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Zachary Scott

Great negotiations

Patricia Virgen

What about cost of living?

Loula Faheem

Thank you, good job, keep going

Cedrick Buckner

I’m so glad to hear that

Emilia Ogini

Great , good job

irma castillo

Great! Would retirees get a raise as well?
I retired in February of this year . Just wondering

Jann Williams

thanks we need this


This is GREAT!
I don’t know about anyone else, But with gas pushing $6-$7 and everything else up. I can not afford to go to work.


LA County Inflation and it’s absurd cost of living absolutely does not remotely reflect in these numbers not even by an inkling; Please Do Better! Taking into consideration HUDs 2023 valuations $70,000 is considered low income.

Lanomay Benjamin

How about employees who retired this year?

Irene Kelsey

How does this apply to those who retired this year.

Carlos Quevedo

Retirees are better off. They get COLA

Dana Vaughn

Totally awesome! Thank you for your diligence and hard work on our behalf.

Deborah Leonard

Does that mean retired employees too?


Thank you SEIU 721 for all your hard work! I appreciate all of you.


Why do we get our raise in increments, the county can afford to pay us our total raise at one time. Why doesn’t the union demand we get our full raise at one time? By the time we get our full raise in 2024, the high cost of living has eaten it up. We need to get our raise, whatever percentage it is, all at once. Think about it, getting our raise paid in increments, is barely noticeable in our paychecks. SEIU 721, you need to do a better job for your members and demand full payment of our raise… Read more »

Phyllis Bush

Why are no longer receiving our increases in April? We thought that $1275.00 bonus we received in 2022 was to cover the 6 months from April-Sept 2022 that we should have received our raises but didn’t because negotiations were still ongoing. So should we expect another bonus are go on paid for the 6months that our raises should have already been in effect? Thanks!

Gloria Mai

Thank you to Our UNION. Great job

Karu sabanayagam

I thought this is the last raise. Can someone clarify. Thanks

Fred Van Berkum

It needs to be 15 % to start just to get us out of the poverty line and now with the stuff is so high that won’t even help. Well maybe now knowing what the government has ben doing with the tax payers $$$. I would believe that the people get their fair share. But not to sound ungrateful or anything. Lol.

Octavia McClain

I agree. When we go back to renegotiate 721 has to come hard. We don’t make enough to live on. We should be making at least $70k

Andrew H.

Strong Work!

Rosa Ortiz

Great, good job. gracias

Constance Umoh

Great job! Way2go! Thanks.

Lissette mercado

When do supervisors get the 1.5 percent

Cordelia Oji

Thanks Guys, good job


When we’ll get the final 3,25% raise? Would it be again in October of 2024? End of the year !?


3.5% is a joke. Minimum wage goes up to $20 next year.

Shane Smith

Ok this is nice and all but most LA County employees can not even afford to live in the county they work in. Y’all need to do better.. there is no reason why the negotiated increase has to be split in 3 year increments. Inflation and cost of living eat these minuscule so called “raises”

County Statistician

While the SEIU does try it’s best, it is important to remember the Department of Finance numbers (which are historically lowballed) put inflation at 7% in 2021 (we received a 0% increase), 6.5% in 2022 (5.5%) and 3.7% so far this year (which is wrong, but we’re still below that at 3.25%).

So going by the numbers, we are 8.25% behind already the lowballed inflation numbers. Of course, general inflation numbers don’t express how it feels to the average consumer with gas being roughly 50% more expensive, groceries 25-40% on average, etc.

Mavis Huang

I remember that the raise for RN is 15.25%, and 5.25% in Oct 2023, 4.25% in Oct 2024, 0.25% in Jan 2025. Is it the same or changed to 12% now.


When next year do we get our last raise?

Carlos Quevedo

We need a raise that cover the purchase power we lost during the inflation escalade of the last two years

Cindy Leung

Thank you for our union, did the great job for everyone.

Maria F.

The bonuses that we get, I believe – SHOULD be separated from our regular salary. If we are to deduct the “bonus” from our regular pay, we are clearly NOT getting paid for the work we’ve already done for the pay period. It’s frustrating because we don’t “truly feel” that we earned the “bonus” that is rightfully ours. It’s just my observation.


We need to negotiate for 20-30% increase in pay next bargaining period to keep up with the horrible inflation we’ve endured and will endure. I appreciate the historic raises from the last period but it’s time to do it again and more!

Grace Siciliano

Thanks for the info. What month are we receiving the 2024 3.25% It would be nice if we receive it at the beginning of the year January or February. Not when the year is almost over!!!

Joyce Frederick

What about the Cost of Living increase that is needed.

Dana Lacabe

After the huge increase in the cost of benefits, we are actually getting a pay cut for next year! You should not be bragging!


The 12% over 3 years is a joke. Restaurant worker’s hourly rate will increase to $20 effectively 4/1/24. The cost of living has gone up so much that the county is not paying enough for its employees. It is pathetic that we are barely making it. The health care premiums also increased so much (14.5% for Kaiser) that the allowance only increased 2.5%.


I agree with you. Kaiser premiums went up dramatically. The union knows that 75% of their members have Kaiser. Instead of receiving $244 monthly, we are only going to receive $180 maximum as a single person depending what other coverage you choose on option. It is more of a two percent raise. This is why a lot of workers are leaving the county. You cannot afford to live in the nicer parts of LA county.

Esmeralda Trujillo

Cost of living would be beneficial at this time as well since everything is so expensive.