LA City Intensive Bargaining Update

After three consecutive days of non-stop intensive bargaining between the Coalition of LA City Unions and city management, we’ve made significant progress in our contract negotiations.

Our ongoing rolling rallies, our worksite unity breaks, our relentless phone banking, and our powerful Coalition of LA City Unions visibility, have given us the upper hand in bargaining. Our pressure is working.

Please note that we still have a handful of bargaining sessions scheduled for this week and hope to wrap this up by Wednesday.

We will share all the details once all tables finish bargaining. The fight is not over yet.

We’ve made progress because it’s undeniably clear to the city that we aren’t going away without a fight — let’s keep up this energy.

Let’s continue standing with our Bargaining Team to push them to the finish line.

If you haven’t already, now is the time cast your ULP Strike Authorization vote. Voting ends on Wednesday, December 13th.

Stay tuned for breaking news. Text FIXLA to 721721 to receive mobile updates if you don’t already.