Library Security Strategy Session: Join us on Mon., Feb. 5 at 6 PM via Zoom

As all of us know, we have endured persistent and concerning security issues throughout the LA County Public Library system. We need Security Guards at all high-risk libraries – and the time has come for us to send this message to the LA County Board of Supervisors.

Here’s the bottom line: Despite knowing about persistent and growing safety concerns literally for years, the Library Department has failed to provide for our safety and that of the general public.

Management claims the Department simply doesn’t have the funds. We at SEIU 721 believe management has failed to make the case to the Board of Supervisors. We think it’s clear they never will. And that’s why we need to do it ourselves.

Our union will not wait for a serious incident to occur before taking action. Now is the time. Join us!


Library Security Strategy Session

Mon., Feb. 5 from 6 PM to 8 PM

Via Zoom

Meeting ID: 881 4125 7206
Passcode: 752591


Let’s strategize together on how to best approach the Board of Supervisors – and let’s get the funding for the Security Officers that we need. Together, we win!

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