SEIU 721 Members Honor SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry’s Leadership

Following the announcement that she will not seek reelection, SEIU 721 members honor SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry, who, over the course of nearly 14 years, led our union to new heights of ambition and success in the fight for workers’ rights – even in the face of deliberate attacks like the Janus decision.

While President Henry was instrumental in putting labor and rights of working people back in the forefront of the national consciousness, her leadership has been especially felt here in California.

Under President Henry’s tenure, SEIU 721 members fought for and won the Fight for $15 – first in LA, then statewide – and a seat at the table for fast food workers through the Fast Food Council.

As union membership has stagnated nationwide, SEIU in California under President Henry has continued organizing workers across industries and growing our union.

Thank you, President Henry, for all that you’ve done for SEIU 721 members, our international union, and working people!

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