SEIU Local 721 Member Delegates for SEIU 2024 Convention

This May, SEIU members from across the United States and Canada will participate in the SEIU Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from May 18-22, 2024. This year promises to be an exciting chance to plan the future of SEIU to meet the challenges and opportunities we are facing in a post Pandemic world.

There will be 35 delegate seats for SEIU 721 members and these will be filled by a formal nomination and election process in accordance with the SEIU Local 721 Bylaws, the SEIU Constitution, and federal law.

The delegate seats are divided proportionally by region based on the number of full dues-paying members in each unit.

Nominations will be accepted by petition, which means members who are interested in being nominated must submit at least 10 signatures from dues- paying members from their specific region only.

Candidate Eligibility Requirements:

You must be a member in good standing for two continuous years preceding your nomination; cannot be convicted of a disqualifying crime; and cannot be a current elected officer of the Local.

The deadline to return nomination petition is 5pm on February 23, 2024 to the SEIU Local 721 office in your region, or by email to

Download the official Convention Delegate Notice with all the needed information and Nominating Form below:

Convention Delegate Notice 2024

IU Convention Delegate Nomination Form 2024


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