LA City Council Unanimously Approves our MOU!

April 17th marks a milestone for every LA city member.

The Los Angeles City council unanimously voted to ratify and finalize our 5-year MOU that’s bringing 6% in raises in 2024, and over 22% in raises during the life of our contract.

The culmination of our landmark contract fight is a direct result of our resilience.

We forced the city to respect us when we walked off the job for the first city strike in 40 years, and we came very close to a 2nd strike before reaching a tentative agreement at the 11th hour.

Today’s unanimous approval of our LA city contract makes the message clear: If we want to house people, fix our streets, maintain our parks, and so much more, then we need to invest in retaining our dedicated city workers.

We are the workforce that got this city through numerous trials, including the COVID pandemic, and we are the workforce that has continued to do our duty to the best of our ability even when it was uncertain whether the city would ever pay us what we deserved.

It’s a new day and a great one for all of us. Stand SEIU 721 union proud!