Let’s make our voices heard!

While we’ve reached a TA on the National Addendum at the American Red Cross, management is still proposing unacceptable terms for our local contract. Record a video telling your story and why our work MUST be respected!

If you have any trouble uploading your video, you can also participate by uploading a photo of yourself (selfies work too) and writing in your story in the space provided.  You may also try sending your video to Desiree Hunter with the SEIU 721 Communications Department at 213-610-1056.

Recording your video:

1. Introduce yourself with your name, your job and how many years you’ve been at ARC.

2. Share your story about your experience at ARC.

3. Finish by telling management that they must protect workers and respect what we do!


Selfie Video Tips:

  • It’s fine to use the front facing camera and just hold your phone vertically, no need to get fancy.
  • Wipe off the lens with a cloth or tissue beforehand so the picture is clear.
  • Make sure you have good lighting on your face and in the room where you’re recording so you don’t look like you’re in a cave.
  • Don’t worry about being too polished, be authentic. Keep videos under 1 minute.


ARC - My Story on the Front Lines

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