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Friday, September 29, 2017

LAC+USC Medical Center

Stand Up Fight Back LAC + USC

Together we’ve won better salaries, vital benefits like affordable healthcare, job security, and a voice at work.

Now everything we’ve fought for and won is under attack! Our union voice is the target of wealthy, well-connected forces. Greedy special interests pushing the “Right to Work for Less” are determined to take away everything from working families.

When we stick together we can achieve great victories like the right to use vacation time for sick time. We filed a “Grievance – General in Character” on behalf of everyone in BU 729. Our grievance was granted and we won!

We have too much to lose, and too much to fight for, to let anti-worker forces take it all away. We have to face this threat head on. Join us.​

LAC+USC Medical Center

, LAC+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles , CA
United States

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