Nominations for the Simi Valley Chapter Board 2024-2026 cycle are now open.

Use this form below to nominate yourself.

If you would like to nominate another City of Simi Valley member, use this form.

These are the primary roles and responsibilities of the Chapter Board officers:

President – Chair of the board; presides over monthly Chapter Board meetings; assist in representation of union members; reports board activities to union members.
Vice President – Assist Chair; act as Chair in their absence; chairs internal committees as assigned; assist in representation of union members.
Treasurer – Responsible for financial accounting of chapter; deposit and disburse funds as necessary; submit monthly financial report to board; assist in representation of union members.
Secretary – Keeps meeting records and minutes and drafts meeting agendas; assists in representation of union members; with union assistance, helps outreach to union members about upcoming meetings and other union activities.
At Large (3) – Liaison to union members in their workplaces; receives input, provides feedback, and speaks on behalf of union members; assists in representation of union members.

TERM OF OFFICE – two years.

Submit your nomination before Monday, January 29, 2024, at 5pm.

Only union members in good standing may nominate themselves or others for the Chapter Board. All nominees must be union members in good standing.

If there are more nominees than available seats, an election will be held.