No Will, No Way: Correcting the Record on the LA Superior Court Reporter ‘Shortage’

The Recorder

“We must reiterate that a court reporter fee-barrier is unacceptable. In our economically diverse state, we must demand a level playing field when our constituents enter the courthouse,” says California State lawmakers Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Assemblyman Miguel Santiago and Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer.

‘Horrified’: L.A. City Council members call for action on overcrowded animal shelters

Los Angeles Times

Mike Long, communications director for SEIU 721, which represents some Animal Services workers, said Friday that “more animals will continue to suffer” if the city doesn’t act. “We have to face facts — we need more dollars for staff and facilities because clearly, relying on the good will of volunteers and on private, one-time donations from pet-loving celebrities alone just isn’t enough.”