City of Los Angeles SEIU 721 members have kept the City running through the pandemic. We’ve maintained public spaces, paved our streets, handled trash pick-up and other sanitation needs, ensured that residents have access to safety services, and much more.

That’s why the City must respect our work and we City workers must FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE.

On Thursday, March 31, we’re joining with LA County employees in what we believe will be the largest march and rally of SEIU 721 members in the union’s history.

Outside the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, as we fight alongside our County brothers and sisters who are bargaining for a fair contract, we will also put LA City on notice: City Workers will continue fighting for pay that keeps up with inflation and the rising cost of living.

Put in your time off request NOW for March 31! All time off requests should be for the entire day.

RSVP with your info below.  You will not want to miss this monumental march!

Going forward, we won’t let the City forget about how we helped it find cost savings as it faced an unprecedented revenue shortage because of the pandemic and how our advocacy for the American Rescue Plan, which brought more than $1 billion in federal aid to the City, helped LA get back on track.

We helped bail out the City. We deserve to be recognized and appreciated for it.

As we continue to fight for fair pay, we’ll need all our members engaged! We say it often because we know it’s true: When we fight, we win.