Associate Members have access to our robust SEIU Member Benefits Program, which includes discounts on travel, life insurance, loans, and credit cards.  Our program also includes savings on popular brands and services. Check out the SEIU Member Benefits Website for more information!

Employees of LA County also have access to these benefits:

Life Insurance Benefit– SEIU 721 Associate Members are automatically covered for $2,000 life insurance, and an additional $2,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy. A total of $4,000 to help the beneficiary you identify on your membership application, in the event of a tragedy.

 Vision Benefits– SEIU 721 Associate Members have four voluntary vision options to choose from, including coverage for prescription lenses and frames. With over 1,850 in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties, and 17,800 doctors nationwide, to choose from.

 Dental Benefits– SEIU 721 Associate Members have several voluntary HMO and PPO plans to choose from. The supplemental plan option waives co-insurance on the PPO plan, and takes over when you have reached your annual maximum. The PPO plan offers the freedom to go to any licensed dentist. The HMO plan has no deductibles, no annual maximums, and low copayments.

Disability Income Plan– SEIU 721 Associate Members are able to protect their incomes with a voluntary competitive disability income plan that pays 60% of your income, up to $1,200 weekly, if you become disabled due to illness or injury. There are three disability-income benefit plans for active employees that can be used for a covered list of conditions, including maternity.

 Cancer and Catastrophic Care Benefit– SEIU 721 Associate Members are eligible for a voluntary benefit to support those facing serious courses of treatment as a result of cancer, heart attack, open-heart surgery, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. In addition to other medical or health coverage in which you may be enrolled, this benefit helps pay for associated expenses incurred during care and treatment, including deductibles and co-payments.

 Custodial Care Benefit– SEIU 721 Associate Members can enroll in a voluntary custodial care benefit to help with daily living activities when faced with cancer or a number of other illnesses. This means support with bathing, dressing, eating, mobility, bathroom use, etc. Through a daily benefit amount up to $200, custodial care beneficiaries can receive the support from a caregiver that they need to remain in their home, and live with dignity.

 Chiropractic Benefit– SEIU 721 Associate Members have the opportunity to voluntarily subscribe in a chiropractic benefit that offers access to a robust network of high quality of chiropractic providers. This benefit also offers access to online resources to manage challenges to your wellness, including back pain.

SEIU 721 knows that an investment in you means an investment in healthier families, safer neighborhoods, and stronger communities.

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