Join the 721 Retirees Committee to Protect Your Retirement – and Secure It for Future Generations!

A penny saved is a penny earned – and we work hard for every single one! Do not let out-of-touch politicians, biased media sources and the right-to-work attack destroy our retirement security by blaming public sector workers for government budget deficits. Instead, let’s protect ourselves through the 721 Retirees Committee!

Our union negotiates fairly for every retirement plan available to our members and we earn every dollar we put into those plans. Those hundreds of millions of dollars have been reliably invested for decades into the economy, which have kept America’s communities vibrant and strong. Our members have earned their return on that investment – and we will not let the forces of greed rob us of our retirement after a lifetime of hard work. Nor will we let them fundamentally redefine what retirement looks like. Our younger union members care deeply about their long-term future, too.

What is the mission of the 721 Retirees Committee?

The 721 Retirees Committee works across generations to ensure that of all our members’ retirement and benefit plans are safe and sound. At our monthly meetings, we hear from speakers who provide information of concerned to retired members – then we strategize on next steps our union can take to ensure retirement security for all.

When does the 721 Retirees Committee meet?

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10 AM at SEIU Local 721’s Los Angeles Office at 1545 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90017. (Parking is free and the entrance is off of Union Street.) To learn about future events we plan to host, go to Our Calendar and do a search using the phrase “721 Retirees Committee”.

Who may join the 721 Retirees Committee?

All retired employees and those within five years of retirement are eligible for membership in the 721 Retirees Committee – not just former union members.

How much does it cost to join the 721 Retirees Committee?

It doesn’t cost – it pays! Membership dues and retirement benefits vary depending on the region you worked in. For information on your dues and retirement benefits, call the Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU (4968).

When does the 721 Retirees Committee host its annual Healthcare Fair?

In September, we invite both SEIU Local 721 members and the general public to attend our annual Healthcare Fair – which includes a special safety driving session for seniors! All are welcome to receive a free healthcare screening and get their health insurance questions answered by representatives from Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, the AIDS Service Center, AFLAC and Zenith Administrators.