June 2013

Affordable Care Act Takes Center Stage

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In May I found myself traveling quite a bit. I represent our membership on SEIU’s International Executive Board and also on the SEIU Quality Advisory Committee, which is a network of mostly public sector locals working hard to raise the standards in public healthcare delivery.

May 2013

New Executive Board Sworn In

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The President’s Report is delivered each month to the SEIU 721 Executive Board, so it’s fitting that I address my first report of the new term to you, the 41 members of the board. On April 23, we were all sworn in together at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

April 2013

LA County Gets Ready to Turn It Up!

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More than 50,000 SEIU Local 721 members who work for LA County are gearing up for contract negotiations. These members haven’t had raises in four years—some of them even longer.

March 2013

LA City Election Update

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SEIU 721 members showed their strength and commitment to the City of Los Angeles in last week’s municipal elections. I’m proud to say that all SEIU 721 endorsed candidates won their elections or moved on to run-offs.

February 2013

LA County: It’s Time for a Raise

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2013 is going to be a big year for our members who work in LA County. For the last several years those members have sacrificed in order to keep LA County running. Now those members deserve a raise. We laid the groundwork for a raise last year when members worked hard to pass Prop 30, which provides the state and County with much-needed revenues.

January 2013

SEIU 721 Gives Back

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I hope you and your family had a happy and healthy holiday season. I was fortunate enough to spend much of the holidays with SEIU 721 members. At this time of year, they can always be counted on to give back to their communities.