December 2015


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Today, our union is gripped by sorrow in the wake of the tragedy in San Bernardino. In what has become a weekly occurrence, a mass shooting has claimed the lives of innocent Americans and injured many more. This attack is particularly close to home. Of the 14 people killed on December 2nd, 10 were SEIU 721 members. Of the 22 injured, 15 were members of our union.

November 2015

SEIU 721 Member Wave

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Last summer, many national pundits wrote the American worker’s obituary. They said the union movement would die in a hail of lawsuits from the Koch Brothers and other anti-worker extremists that make it harder for workers to join unions.

October 2015 – Annual Report

SEIU 721 on a Roll in 2014-15

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A year ago, we knew Southern California workers’ backs were against the wall and our union would face some of the toughest fights in our history. At our member summit last November, we decided going it alone with old tactics wouldn’t work. Instead, we focused on building alliances with other unions, community groups, and clergy.

September 2015

SEIU 721 Elects Pension Defenders

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Last month, SEIU 721 scored a major ballot box victory — electing candidates to two powerful pension boards that, while largely unknown to the general public, are vitally important to the retirement security of 721 members.

August 2015

Turn Up the Heat - Raise Up ALL of LA County

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We’re four months into contract negotiations with LA County and county negotiators have yet to present a fair proposal to county workers. Enough is enough—in August, we’re going to bring the heat.

July 2015


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It’s no surprise a lot of public workers dread budget time. Hiding behind jargon and buried under euphemisms like “budget optimization,” “realignment,” and “paradigm shift” is the same old story: politicians and managers want frontline public workers to do more with less. They want them to help the most vulnerable in our communities and they want them to do it with smaller budgets, fewer workers, bigger caseloads and heavier workloads.

June 2015

Fight for $15 Victory!

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After years of hard work, Los Angeles workers finally got the raise they deserved and I’m proud that our union played a lead role in delivering it. Thanks in large part to the efforts of SEIU 721 members and staff and a broad coalition of community groups, the Los Angeles City Council voted 14-1 on June 10th to raise the City’s minimum wage in phases from the current $9 an hour to $15 an hour by the year 2020.

May 2015

721 Calls on LA Mayor to Fix LA

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After nearly a year of actions, protests and marches that have drawn tens of thousands of Angelenos to the streets, there is some indication that Mayor Eric Garcetti may finally heed calls to “Fix L.A.”

April 2015

Victory in S.B.

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A few weeks ago, SEIU 721 awarded its first-ever Labor Legacy Awards to four heroes who have changed the lives of working families around the world, across the country, and right here in Southern California.

March 2015

721 Scores Victories in Several Key Races

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Earlier this month, SEIU 721 members racked up some key wins in a host of Southern California races, winning in 15 of the 19 contests where we made endorsements. So why does this matter to our members? Just like with external organizing, activism in politics can have a direct impact on workers’ jobs, wages, benefits and working conditions. This is doubly true with public employees.