Press Release for Wed., Oct. 13, 2020 — Bob Schoonover Statements On Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Contact: Coral Itzcalli: 213-321-7332,


(LOS ANGELES, CA) – SEIU 721 is in full solidarity with our Armenian brothers and sisters as they bring the world’s attention to the tragedy taking place in Nagorno-Karabakh. We condemn the senseless death and destruction – and we call upon our federal government to speak out against genocide. Each year in late April, the local Armenian community here in the Greater Los Angeles Area gathers in great numbers to remember their ancestors who died in the Armenian Genocide of 1915 – and to demand that the global community recognize that systematic slaughter for exactly what it was. We are now living more than a century past that point. Yet not only have we failed to officially name that shameful chapter in humanity’s history a genocide; we could be on the precipice of witnessing another one affecting Armenians today. America and the community of nations must do everything in their collective power to stop it and to bring peace to the region.


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