Welcome to the LA County Registered Nurses Strike Headquarters.We’re fed up with LA County’s unfair labor practices –we’ve officially notified them of our Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike set to begin as early as 6AM on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022.

Our Bargaining Teams continue to negotiate in good faith with LA County, offering well-researched proposals, and coming to the table every single time prepared to tackle the issues that impact our Registered Nurses and Supervising Registered Nurses, and our patients and the communities that we serve. When we fight, we win!

RN Strike notice:

The ULP Strike is for employees in Bargaining Units 311 and 312 at all Department of Health Services (DHS), Department of Public Health (DPH) and Department of Mental Health (DMH) locations.

Make no mistake, we will have the active support of every LA County SEIU 721 member, and SEIU 721 members across Southern California.

This strike is about LA County negotiating in bad faith, and Nurses saying enough!

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How We Got here:

The reality is we’re not done yet! Our Bargaining Teams for our Registered Nurses BU 311 and Supervising Registered Nurses 312 have continued to negotiate around-the-clock, into the early morning on many consecutive days, to deliver the wins that BU 311 and 312 members deserve.

Winning competitive wages to attract and retain nurses, a pathway to a 36 hour work-week for 12 hour shift nurses, and RN specialty recognition has been the priorities for our Bargaining Teams from the start. They’ve brought well-researched proposals to the bargaining table and remain committed to negotiating a fair deal.

What’s been the County’s approach? They’ve failed to adequately respond to our proposals — dragging out Intensive Bargaining for more than 10 days already.

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