SSP Candidate Statements

Bell, Christi
I am passionate about representation for our staff members. I bring energy and ideas to the table. I am solution-focused and am committed to seeing our solutions through to implementation. I will work hard on behalf of my co-workers to represent their voices, to identify issues and to find resolutions that will keep San Bernardino County a great place to work.

Campbell-Dunn, Rawl
I saw problems my ARC co-workers had been struggling with since the beginning, but nothing being done. I contacted the union and got labor/management meetings started. This same passion I will take and use on a bigger scale for the professional unit to demand what we deserve.

Diaz, Oracio
I’ve been with the county for 17 years. I was active in helping decertify SBPA and elect SEIU. I was part of the first SEIU bargaining team in San Bernardino County, who helped win a strong contract for members. I have also been part of the JLM working on addressing high caseloads.

Douglas, Debra
I will represent your interests to the county. The objective will be to increase pay and benefits through strong advocacy. I have experience negotiating contracts in the business world and political organizing experience. With 19 years at the county, I know the major issues for the past 4 MOUs.

Guentert, Darren
Bargaining is about getting the best contract for everyone in the professional unit. I was part of the last bargaining group and together we collectively managed to negotiate one of the best contracts in decades. I have the passion, energy historical knowledge base and integrity to fight for us again! Your vote will not be wasted if you select me to represent our unit.

Henry, Sonya
I’m Sonya Henry, Social Service Practitioner San Bernardino County. My SEIU experience includes steward, contract negotiator and executive board member under legacy 535. I have 29 years’ experience in Adult Protective Services and I hope to use my experience to bring harmony and cooperation between management and represented employees.

Rickman, Myra
I have had the privilege of representing you on the Joint Labor Management (JLM) Team. I along with others on the committee, were able to negotiate case caps, 4/10’s, and telecommuting. I want to have the opportunity to help fight for other issues you want changed in the upcoming negotiations.

Romero, Jose
Jose is a SSPV and SEIU Steward for North Region Office. Jose is known for speaking up when there is an injustice and is known to be an advocator for social workers’ concerns in the region. When he becomes part of the bargaining team he would utilize his ability to articulate the argument and debate for the collective voice of the social workers.

Non-SSP Professional Unit Candidate Statements

Armstrong, Toni
My name is Toni Armstrong and I have been working for the Department of Behavioral Health for two years in the field of Crisis Response. I have my Masters in Social Work and have a passion of advocacy. I am very prompt, informed of County policy, and willing to learn from my peers. I am a team player and an innovative/out of the box thinker. I consistently review County policy and various contracts in place to remain informed and well-versed in my day to day operation. I am passionate about advocating on behalf the Professional Bargaining Unit to ensure our voices are heard and workplace needs are met.

Castrejon, Melissa
I was involved with the last bargaining as a member of the CAT team. I am also grateful to SEIU, specifically Bridget Shea for representing me with the Human Resources representative to adjust my step. I would like to help bring about change and empower the entire professional unit.

Houser, Hal
As a previous team member, I was responsible for getting us longevity bonus, greater paid life insurance, equity for certain groups, and other contract enhancements. I wish to fight for us to return to 2-step raises, greater health insurance offsets, and more of what our group wants! Please give me that opportunity! Thanks

Nguyen, Thuy
My name is Thuy Nguyen. It has been a privilege to serve as one of the 2015-2018 bargaining team representatives. The MOU is a work in progress. With team collaboration, we can strive towards a meaningful collective bargaining process that will lead to an equitable contract and improve employee benefits.

Nnaji, Uchenna
To present a strong voice in negotiations fair policy and contracts for those that serve the community. I am frankly enjoined by the conviction that equity and fairness tends to promote job performance and reduce turnover rates.

Shaw, Rolinda
Dr. Shaw has worked for both LA and San Bernardino Counties for over 10 years in both Department of Behavioral Health and Department of Mental Health. She has good insight into advocating for social workers/clinicians in multiple working environments including psych hospitals, jail, and within the foster care system.

Tong, Connie
I’ve been a county employee at ARMC for the last 11+ years and was on the bargaining team in the last contract negotiation. I tried my best to represent SEIU members at ARMC and other smaller classifications within the county. I will strive to do even more this time around.