It’s time to vote for your 2020 Ventura Clinics Bargaining Team!


Check out the candidate statements below and select up to five (5) employees to represent you and your co-workers at the bargaining table. Vote for no more than one (1) person per location.
*PLEASE NOTE: Las Islas North and Las Islas South are two different locations so you may vote for candidates at both facilities.


The goal is to elect a bargaining team that reflects the diversity of Ventura Clinics – racial and gender diversity as well as diversity in job classification and worksite location. In the event of a tie between two candidates in the same location, the Organizing Committee will select a candidate with an eye towards seeking racial, gender and job classification equity at the bargaining table.

Polls will close on December 15, 2020 so make your voice heard at Ventura Clinics and cast your vote today!