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Our Strong Contract

Thanks to our determination and unity, SEIU 721 members in L.A. County secured a new contract offering wage increases of at least 10.75%— and most members will receive even more!

Even better, we secured fully-paid family health and dental coverage, benefits which are practically unheard of anywhere else.

And the cherry on top? A well-deserved $1,000 bonus, effective as soon as the contract is ratified and approved. You should see your bonus on the 12/14 pay period – just in time for the holidays!

All of these wins are only possible because SEIU 721 members stood union strong and fought for them.

We’re only able to enforce these contracts and protect LA County employees at work because SEIU 721 members stand union strong every day.

Our contracts, our benefits and our union are only as strong as each member. That means we’re only as strong as you.

Right now, you’re not an SEIU 721 member – and the County knows it and they’ll try to use that to give us less at the bargaining table next time around.

Protect your wages and benefits, protect your family, protect the community your serve and protect your rights – become a member by filling out the form below.

Want to know more about your new contract?

Find your fringe benefits and tentative agreement summary below.

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