What are “bylaws”?
The bylaws are the governing document of our local and determine the structure of our union and its member executive board, bargaining, chapters and more.

What did members already approve?
Members approved the twelfth draft of bylaws. The bylaws were written, researched and debated by hundreds of union members. The executive board then approved the draft and sent it to SEIU for review. On Nov. 5 the executive board approved the draft from SEIU.

What are we voting for?
All represented members in SEIU Local 721 will have the opportunity to vote to adopt the bylaws. The rules will then set in motion the process to elect a permanent executive board.

“From the beginning our process was democratic and member driven. Everyone had the opportunity to weigh in on the governance of our union.”
Arnella Sims, Secretary of the Bylaws Workgroup