LA City Coalition Rejects City’s Four-Day Holiday Plan

Union members send CAO Miguel Santana back to the drawing board.

Last spring, most LA city workers agreed to a 1.5% salary reduction. In return, the city agreed to shut down city operations between Christmas and New Year’s and to give members four paid days off during the holiday season.
Last  month, the CAO’s office presented union leaders with its plan for the holiday shutdown. That plan was unacceptable. Many managers decided to treat the holiday time like vacation time, which can be used throughout the year. Others claimed their departments couldn’t shut down during the holidays.
“I’ve been looking forward to having the holidays off all summer. I gave up a small piece of my paycheck for this time off and I’m not going to let the city go back on its part of the deal.”
–Alan Peshek
Storekeeper II, Chief Steward

According to the agreement reached with the City of Los Angeles, most City workers must be released from work, with pay, between Dec. 27-30. Exceptions will only be made for personnel whose departments cannot possibly shut down–like airport security personnel.
We expect the city to honor its agreement with its workforce. SEIU 721 members have demanded that the CAO draft a new proposal for the holiday shutdown. Stay tuned for more information.

If your department is not abiding by the LA City agreement, contact your worksite organizer immediately.

0 responses to “LA City Coalition Rejects City’s Four-Day Holiday Plan

  1. i agree we should not act like its a vacation we should all be off as we voted on all at the same time so that the public can see what it is with out a city worker on duty !

  2. I prefer to use this like vacation. Everyone I speak with prefers this. You are doing us a disservice to demand otherwise.