Santa Barbara Workers Share a Valentine’s Day Message

SEIU Local 721 Santa Barbara County workers have a message for the community and it’s about dedication, love and services, despite recent salary cuts imposed by the Board of Supervisors. On Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, SEIU Local 721 members will run a full page ad in the Santa Maria Times (see below) to reach out to the community.
“It’s time the community know that we are still committed to serving our clients and that cuts to our salaries are also cuts to public services,” said Elizabeth Wilson, an eligibility supervisor in Santa Maria.
With 40 hours of furlough time on top of a 3.5% pay cut, workers are challenged with rearranging schedules, paycheck tax deductions, altered healthcare coverage for family members, and balancing an ever-growing caseload to serve county clients. These changes have a direct impact on the clients of more than 450 social workers, eligibility workers, career employment specialists, public defender investigators, medical service representatives and probation assistants.
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  • You can also mail the ad with a message to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors and urge them to restore public services to the community and workers. You can find Board Members and their addresses at this page then click through on the Supervisors’ website link via their Contact pages. Supervisor Wolf was the only Board of Supervisor who stood up for workers and did not vote to impose the salary cuts.
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