Gold Coast Transit Members Vote to Ratify Contract

Gold Coast Transit (GCT) Bus Operators and Mechanical units voted to ratify their contracts after the Administrative unit did so earlier in the year.
Ratifying this contract keeps the gains that were made at the table until October 2013 while keeping the contract closed. The outcome of the vote on Wednesday 14, 2012 was overwhelming approved by both units.
Thank you to all members who have continued to be a part of this process and who participated in this important vote and to the community for showing incredible support during this process.
joe-ayala-headshot.jpg “We want to thank the members for supporting the bargaining team throughout these negotiations. We hope to improve the workplace and working conditions as we look to the next negotiations in 2013.”
– Joe Ayala, bus operator and bargaining team member
For more information, read the flyer.
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