Fight Blight with SEIU 721

Mayor Villaraigosa claims there’s not enough revenue coming into the city so he needs to cut essential city services and lay off over 200 workers. But there are THOUSANDS of abandoned bank-owned homes that the city could be fining $1,000 a day – yet the Mayor does nothing.
Why is Villaraigosa ready to cut services and layoff workers instead of making big banks pay?
LA City employees have given enough.  It’s time Mayor Villaraigosa stopped attacking workers and started finding ways to raise revenue from the wealthiest 1%.
Join Us to Fight Blight!
Saturday May 12
11AM-2PM (after the Stewards Council)
SEIU Local 721 – 1545 Wilshire Blvd, 90017
721 Members will meet at the Local for training and then go out to LA neighborhoods to identify abandoned bank-owned homes.
Can’t come on Saturday? Visit to sign up and fight blight !

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  1. This tour was hugely sucessful. It was nice to see members, community partners and the 4 council offices, Building and safety, and the Mayor’s office attending. It really made an impression on them and it sounds like they are committed to getting banks to either clean up or pay up. It was all possbile because we had so many people turn out and take survey walks. Click the link above to sign up and show your interest in getting our neighborhoods back on track. SEIU will train you and partner you up with someone. We really need people to participate in the valley near CD6 and CD7 which has the highest amount of bank owned properties that are probably blighted. If you live in and around those neighborhoods, I would encourage you to get involved as it will help your neighborhoods.

    Everyone should keep their eye on this site and the facebook feed for up and comming actions related to this. The fight is no where near over and we will need our membership to turn out in big numbers to support amending the ordinance so we can see the cash begin to flow into the city by the millions.

    This campaign truly is a winwin for everyone… except the greedy fat cat bankers.