California Primary Results for Endorsed Candidates (Preliminary)

After dozens of COPE Town Halls, interviewing candidates and reviewing questionnaires, the June 5th primary election is now complete. SEIU 721 members and staff completed more than 300 volunteer shifts in support of COPE endorsed candidates in the final four days of the June 5th primary.
And how did the SEUI 721 endorsed candidates do? Well, the results are not quite complete but many races should have the provisional and mailed ballot counts final later this week or early next week. 
For a look at some of the more competitive races that included SEIU 721 endorsed candidates, please download the June 5 Preliminary Results.pdf or click on the link to California’s Secretary of State website for statewide and district race tallies as they become available: 
A complete recap with the results of the Primary Election
will be posted within the next few days.
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